Staff Medical Scheme

This is also an employees’ benefit scheme. It covers medical bills incurred by employees for hospitalization, outpatient, dental, optical and maternity expenses. Appointed hospitals, clinics send their bills to the Insurance Company for payment.

Employees only present their medical cards and complete a form in the hospitals and then they are treated. It can cover employees and dependants if employer is willing.

We require total number of employees and their dependants names and date of birth.

  1. Lower premiums – Group plans tend to be cheaper on average than individual plans.
  2. Tax incentives – Businesses can deduct the cost of premiums from their federal business taxes, and some small businesses may qualify for a tax credit.
  3. Improve hiring and recruiting – A robust benefits package can appeal to both new hires and current employees alike while setting businesses apart from competitors.
  4. Employee loyalty and retention – Offering group health insurance can help small businesses keep their top employees for the long term.
  5. Employee job satisfaction – Having happy employees who are content with their jobs and health benefits can make for happier employers.
  6. Healthier, more productive employees – When workers take less sick days and absences, they can retain focus and achieve more while having access to health care resources when needed.
  7. Foster a healthy company culture – Show your employees that their health is important to you by promoting a positive culture, encouraging wellness initiatives, and offering health coverage.
  8. Pre-tax benefit for employees – Another benefit of providing small business health insurance can be more after-tax money available for workers.
  9. Place health coverage within reach of employees – One reason employers offer group health insurance is to make medical coverage more accessible and affordable to their employees.
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